Acquisition and Logistics Consulting and Support Services: 

EBS Acquisition staff are FAR trained. EBS personnel have a minimum of 10-25 years experience at advanced levels in contracting and administration. EBS personnel have a minimum of BS degree in Federal Contracting or other related fields in Business Administration. Most EBS staff have a Masters in Government Contracting or related fields.  EBS fully understands all types of contracts including cost type, performance based, incentive, and all fixed price types.  EBS provides fully trained and specialized staff on short or long term basis to federal agencies. 

Contract Close-Out

EBS provides federal contract close-out for all types of contracts from fixed price administrative close-out to complex cost reimbursement contracts with audit requirements. EBS has worked closely with DCAA and OMB on audit and contract close-outs.

Business, Administrative and Clerical Support Services

EBS provides support services staff for business operations at the entry level to highly trained, specialized skilled and technical professionals. Most of the business staff has a minimum of a BS degree or other business certifications unique to needs of the agency. EBS can furnish the right staff with a little or no learning curve for specific agency needs. EBS provides professional oversight of all support staff.  Services are on short or long term commitments.

Project Management

EBS staff is certified in Project Management. EBS has provided Project Management services to various Federal agencies.  Certifications are from George Washington University, U.S. Corp. of Engineers.


​EBS Corporation provides provides specialized training throughout the United States.

  • Grants

  • Contract Administration, Acquisition and Procurement

  • Change Management

  • COTR

  • Revenue Generating Contracts

  • Materials

  • Supplies

  • Services

  • Small Business Development

* Contract Documentation

Technical and Engineering Services

Many times technical areas of support services are primary or mixed into support services areas. EBS can fill the requirement by hiring appropriate staff, utilizing past agency staff or by utilizing current staff. EBS has a sound performance record in scientific areas and has extensive research support experience.

Information Technology

EBS Technology staff has extensive professional qualifications ranging from MCSE to CCNA’s. EBS IT support staff is experienced in providing up to Level III Technical Support for government and private agencies.  EBS also provides several other levels of IT services and together with its teaming partners has background in software engineering and system engineering.

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